Monday, 19 December 2011

JYC weekend catch up...

Day 17

The perfect gift -

This was the title of my talk for the Northside School Assembly. I had 5 presents under the tree and we were on a quest to find the perfect gift. After socks, chocolate, a bike and an iphone someone unwrapped this picture...

...and I talked about Jesus being the perfect gift for every situation. There's nothing in life he isn't perfect for. Anyone sad, hurting or broken, anyone lost, bored or confused, anyone happy, excited or fulfilled...he fits into every part of life. Thanks God, Jesus was a great gift to the world!

I'm also going to do a page about Adam's perfect gift from childhood, his yellow and red car! Got a cute picture of him age 2 and beaming sat in it, super cute!

Day 18

Dinner -

Adam's favourite part of the day. Always has been. Always will be. Think we'll cook together this year, something that's usually banned in our kitchen because cooking at the same time is not good for our marriage(!) however it'll mainly be M&S bits so I think we'll manage to share. As long as I hold my tongue!

Also today...

...This is me dressed up as Mary with my colleague Colin the vicar dressed as a shepherd! We hosted the nativity service at St B's! It was so much fun but absolutely exhausting!

And finally -

Day 19

Letters to santa -

Having never been introduced to santa I can't say I ever wrote a letter to him but Adam did and posted it in Safeways apparently! Will let him do the journalling for this page I think!

Hope you all had a lovely festive weekend!


  1. I too have been busy with Nativity's etc...its a busy time of year. That baby pic is so cute!

  2. I've missed the nativity service this year. Sad face. But I love the story of the perfect gift - a really great idea!

    Merry Christmas - and good luck with the cooking :D