Wednesday, 7 December 2011

JYC Day 7

Giving and receiving:

I love to give and receive gifts, gifts are my thing. Gifts are my love language, any time I want to say thank you or sorry or I love you...I like to give something. This year the budget is tight because we've spent it all on a Centerparcs holiday with the Bailey side of the family in January, so the presents are small. I think I'm ok with that, much as I'd love to buy everyone lots of gifts, quality time is good too so we'll just invest a lot when we're with people this Christmas and say 'I love you' in another way. Plus people like chocolates, not to worry if they don't last long.

Adam and I are just filling stockings for each other with sweets and little bits. We made our stockings for each other the first year we were married. I like that it can be a new tradition and when we've been married 60 years we'll still have the stockings we made for each other in 2008. That'll be a good story to tell.

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  1. Oooh, that sounds like a lovely tradition. And little thoughtful presents are sometimes the best :D