Monday, 5 December 2011

JYC day 4


I'm not really sure about this one. What would be the perfect Christmas? Adam not working (hurrah this year he finishes at 2am and then has a week off!), me not worn out (hoping working part-time will help this), seeing my family (will settle for Christmas Eve this year, very exciting!), everyone being healthy (we've had too many poorly people over Christmas as far as I'm concerned), Adam's Grandad still being with us (so glad he didn't die in December but this year without him will be hard), isaac and Rachel coming over (next year!), a bit of snow (not likely in England but possible), games (preferably new ones), twinkly Christmas lights (just what you need to feel Christmassy I think), some time just with Adam (essential), kids enjoying themselves (having always had little people around they really do make Christmas, the first year I spent with Adam's family when we were dating was so odd and to be honest a tad boring just with adults!)...all sorts really that would add to the perfect day.

But when I look at this big list o perfects I really don't need it all to be content and if we did have all that at once there would be so much pressure I'm not sure I could enjoy it. I guess perfect is keeping things simple with the one you love and enjoying every moment.

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