Sunday, 25 December 2011

23 & 24 jyc

Day 23

-Having already talked about stockings I'm just doing a 'this is what we did today' kind of post...Lydia came to visit, collected her from Waterloo as it was her first solo journey! Took her to the V&A which she loved and found lots of useful things for her coursework so that was good. We ate bens cookies, walked along the southbank and had a lovely time, then came home to watch Christmas movies and eat lunch!

Day 24

Mum, Dad & MH came to visit for the day which was lovely, we exchanged presents and had lunch with crackers...

...then we went to the Christmas Eve Christingle service at Church. This is the Christingle we built on stage, everyone wrote their prayers on an orange handprint and came and stuck them up. The theme was the line from o little town of Bethlehem - "the hopes and fears of all the years are met in you tonight" so all 550 people wrote down their hopes and fears to give to God. Then the magical moment happened where all the lights are turned off and the candles are lit, just beautiful!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone x

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