Thursday, 19 November 2009

the last days of autumn

I was so in need of this day. And it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. We walked 5 miles from Paddington, through Little Venice, along Regent's Canal, into Regent's Park and down to Oxford Street. Having not really spent that much time with Adam recently, it was a particularly special day. As with all fab photos, I can't wait to scrapbook them!

Thursday, 12 November 2009


I was never a bridesmaid before being a bride. By next July I'll have been one 3 times. I'd love to be a wedding planner. But I can't be. However my sister-in-laws engagement has sent me spinning with excitement about lovely things like this...

...and it's just so her! Maybe if I wasn't a Christian I could be a wedding planner. But then I wouldn't be a Christian and that would be absolutely, not-worth-thinking-about terrible. So I'll just carry on loving my job and just get giddy about weddings in the background.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

me and you

I love this photo of us taken in Oregon, October 2009

The story began 4 years ago. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend then, and definitely not a husband, in fact I was quite sure I didn't want to get married young. I wanted the freedom of living on my own and I wanted to put my photos up in a montage on my bedroom wall and I wanted to invite people round for dinner. But in September 2005, Adam started coming to my Church and for him it was love at first sight. For me I think it was love at 3rd sight!

It took him a while to realise I liked him. Apparently I was just polite. Apparently when you text a guy everyday it's still not clear. I used to love getting his texts, they used to make me giddy with excitement and the biggest grin would appear on my face.

In February 2006 he finally asked me out. He tried to do it on the 13th, we'd had a connect social at spoons on the quay and had spent quite a bit of time alone together. But the question actually came at 00.15am on Valentine's Day. He thinks I only said yes because I was asleep. That's not true.

We had our first date at St. Peter's Finger, a lovely pub in Lytchett that 2 and a half years later we went back to on the evening of our wedding day.

And now we've known each other for just over 4 years. 4 amazing years I'd like to add. There have been some spinning heights of highs and some desperately low lows, but through it all he's been incredible. My knight in shining armour. I might not have wanted to get married young but it was so right for me. He's so right for me. I don't know how things would have turned out without his love, kind words, care and belief in me. Now I get to be with the love of my life everyday and do ordinary day to day things with my best friend.

I love you Adam James Feery x

Monday, 2 November 2009

october pages

It's exactly one month since I last blogged! Oh dear. I wish I was doing Shimelle's blog class. It's also been about a month since I last scrapped. But today I have had a most blissful day off. And done lots of scrapping. Bit of a slow pace but I've managed 5 pages...

This page was completed while sitting in the back of an RV driving through the winding roads of the Canadian mountains. I was trying to take the opportunity to scrap to pass the time of travelling but it didn't really work, everything was sliding around. Still I managed to get it finished in the end. It's backed on corrugated card not cardstock to give it a really earthy autumny feel. This has to be one of my favourite afternoons of the year, a lovely walk in Oxford with my 2 sisters.

The wedding of some friends in Poole, the service was amazing, the band did such a great job and I really enjoyed catching up with some very special people.

Before we left for our holiday we wanted to spend some time with Adam's side of the family. We had a lovely lovely day in Winchester. A really hot day for October too. We walked along the river which was sooo pretty and had lunch in pizza express. Then we walked around the National Trust Mill which was also really nice. We missed Grandad but we must do it again it was a great place to meet up.

I don't usually use patterned paper for an entire page but thought I'd give it a go. It's a sweet design from american crafts. I'd seen a wonky photo frame used on the twopeas site so I thought I'd try something similar.

This is my most treasured photo from the American part of our holiday. A quick hug with all my sibs. Think I should have moved the thickers down a bit though so now that's annoying me!
Loving yellow at the mo.

I've not done such a simple LO for such a long time. But their wedding was so classy and not at all busy in terms of decorations etc so I wanted to try and reflect that a little. The rub ons finish it off nicely i think.

That's it for now. More scrapping once I've got the Canada photos printed! Yipee.

Friday, 2 October 2009

speeeeed scrapping

30 mins from start to finish, woop woop!

I don't know why this page took such little time, LOs usually take me at least an hour, usually and hour and a half!! I suppose it is simpler than my normal style, but it's not lacking detail so I still like it! Even managed to have the idea of using the exclamation mark tops as rain was a very wet week of camping, luckily I had my bosses cutie daughters to keep me occupied.
tfl x

Saturday, 26 September 2009


There's a little photo of little me and my most favourite page!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

~ home sweet home ~

I've ALWAYS wanted one of these black frame, black and white photo, montage, collection, thingy. And now we've got one! I'm ridiculously out of proportion excited. :)

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

luggage tag mini album

I saw a packet of luggage tags and thought they'd make a good mini I gave them a go! Using them along with some pretty signature paper mania, some vellum butterflies and some pink buttons, I discovered they're a very cheap supply!
I think luggage tag mini albums could be winging their way to my nearest and dearest this Christmas!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

some of adam's lovelies

I haven't been doing much scrapping this week so I thought I'd show you some of my husband's handiwork instead...

you can see more at

Saturday, 8 August 2009

:) a happy scrappy day :)

I made 5 LOs while Adam was at work today!

I was so pleased to have a photo of me and my dad but it's taken me ages to scrap it!
This one took a while to get right but got there in the's no the best page ever but my favourite bit is the ribbon border, I love fabricy pages so I may experiment with this again >
This page is super pretty with a lovely piece of BG lemonade paper! I was inspired by one of the challenges during Shimelle's blog party...way off on the deadline but just loved the sketch, and it went well with these lovely photos of my sisters so I gave it a go anyway >
I love butterflies. I have always loved butterflies. I think butterflies are beautiful. SO when I was in Tesco and saw that they had a new range of butterfly stationery I was very happy! I bought a butterfly folder from said range and cut it up and used it on this £1 it was super cheap and cheerful stash!
This LO is from our recent family trip to Oxford, I'm not that good at multi-photo layouts so I tried to keep it simple. Yummy swiss dot.
And last but definitely not least, a LO of my older little sister! Don't get many photos of her on her own but she's so beautiful she deserves a whole page to herself. This one celebrates her amazingness! Featuring pretty baby thickers >

tfl x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I'm so excited to have made my 1st minibook! I've been wanting to do one for quite a while but haven't managed to complete one...but having looked at Laura's wedding prep minibook, I felt inspired to try!

I used the photos from the family day out we had at the weekend. Adam took some great photos so choosing which one's to use was a bit tricky! I also had to make all the pages from corrugated card because I didn't have an actual minibook in my stash!

Enough talking about it, here it is...

I was going to give it to my mum as a present but i like it too much! I will part with it though...I'll just have to make another one and that's no bad thing!

Hope you like it too...I'll be back tomorrow with more crafting goodies...created by a 4 year old though so they may look a little different!

*bye for now

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Today I made these. I had lovely pearlised but not tacky patterned paper and made a little string of bunting...cute :) They're for my parent's Silver Wedding Anniversary picnic...reminds of this time last year finishing off all our wedding invitations...those were intense crafting times!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Lovely Lovely Day

We went to Oxford (again) yesterday to see all my family...we met up for a picnic by the river after an awesome service at St. Aldate's Church...lots of cream pie throwing and dancing involved!

We played with bubbles...

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Recently I've been making these...


Adam and I went to visit my brother for the last time :( before he leaves Oxford. I love Oxford. We went to zizzi and ate ben's cookies in the covered market. I love Oxford. I love Oxford.

That's all for now! tfl xxx

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

digi scrapping with embedded video

When I read an article entitled "find your digital style" in a recent edition of SCRAPBOOK INSPIRATIONS MAGAZINE I must confess that I inwardly groaned and thought "I just don't have one!" I find it really hard to make a digi layout from scratch (like Shimelle Laine can) and no amount of kits (like these) seemed to help me. And to be honest I just love getting in a mess with scissors and glue so I didn't mind being no good in the digi world.

However, in Jane Dean's column of the same article, she mentioned the possibility of embedding video clips into digi layouts and I'm always up for a challenge so I thought I'd give it a go! I could only find one little bit of video my husband accidently took of me being a big kid in the snow earlier this year, so it's not that professional looking but the effect is still quite good. 

I scanned in a paper layout and added my video clip over the top of one of the pages existing photographs. I suppose it could have been truly digi if I had made the whole layout on the computer, which I did try, but as usual got rather frustrated! I hope you like the finished product :o)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

**Laura Ashley Stash**

My in-laws recently got married at a gorgeous location in Dorset. So lots of photo and scrapping opportunities! The first is of our stunning hotel room which included my first experience of a 4 poster bed!! Lush! The second page includes a photo of the happy couple during the ceremony and the last page is a family photo taken in the grounds of the venue. I've used lots of lovely new thickers and some very elegant laura ashley stash, the patterned papers go perfectly with the style of the event. The pages also include a selection of lovely antique buttons, courtesy of the groom! thanks xx

Thursday, 5 March 2009

~Scrapbook Inspirations Excitedness!~

I was super excited to recieve my copy of Scrapbook Inspirations through the post yesterday and look what I found...!
Thank you so much SIgallery! xxx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

*Lonely Scrapping*

My husband is away for the first time since we got married :(
But that means I get to do loads of scrapping without feeling guilty for ignoring him :(
Here's what I've been up to...
This layout is awaiting my new thickers!

This the most simple I've made in a long time but I quite like it.

Me  and the girlies during half term...lovely owl stickers from paperchase!

I find "boy" layouts really tricky usually but I like this one of my brother, circular button/brad border took forever though!

A quickie birthday layout...lots of loveliness on a page! xxx

Friday, 13 February 2009

Snow :: Scrapped!

I've finally done some snow day scrapping...yay! It's true I really do love snow! I wasn't actually feeling that well on our first snow day but couldn't resist a quick trip out in the snow! We wandered down to our local park and were net with many grumpy commuters coming back up the road telling us there were no tubes! 
My husband made a fab snowman while complained about how cold my fingers were...
This page I scraplifted from Shimelle's "a night in numbers" in the October issue of Scrapbook Inspirations...I really liked the layout when I'd seen it a few months ago and thought this would be a great way of recording some of the facts from the week.
I found this cheap but cute little kids snowflake punch for 99p in tesco...even if I only use it for these pages I feel like I've got my money's worth!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Oooh the weather outside is turns out London cannot function in the snow. No post today which is sad on my birthday! But what a beautiful sight to wake up to! I can't wait to scrap the photos from today.