Monday, 18 October 2010

a scrappy kind of day...

I haven't done a LO in months! I can't believe it's the 18th October...where has this term gone, last week before half! Anyway, today I have the day off it's nearly 5pm and I'm still in my pjs, all I've eaten is chocolate mints and piece of marmite toast and all I've done is watch iplayer and scrapbook. I'm content. So here is the productivity of my day...


Back to scrapping

So how have you been? I've missed the scrapping world for the last few months. A friend of mine asked me to scrap her sisters wedding with all the bits she'd kept over the day. I bought an ikea box frame and sprinkled confetti in the bottom, then made a simple page with a photo and bits of the order of service and pieces from the flower girls wands. My friend was happy and so was I considering how long it's been since I scrapped! Hope you're well, thanks for stopping by, hx

Saturday, 28 August 2010

My Wedding Story (the shortish version) !!

What with Shimelle's week of wedding blog posts I felt inspired to share a few of the details from my wedding day! Sorry the photos aren't so professional looking because I don't have the photographers copies on this laptop but the story it was goes...

This is me and him on the BEST day of our lives. It was completely fabulous! I couldn't wait to be married to Mr Adam Feery so we set the time for the service as 11am! Never have I been to an earlier wedding...but I was ready at 10.20am and desperate to get there! Trouble was my parents house is less than 2 minutes from Church so I had a looong wait!

It was a very countryish kind of day, everything was made out of brown paper and copious amounts of rafia string, with lavender and saltdough hearts adorning everything in sight! This was the flower of choice, a 'blue moon' coloured rose, my bouquet was full of them as well as some white ones, some darker purple ones and of course some lavender!

About now I should tell you the story of my dress. This was my original gown of dreams, I wanted lots of flowery detail around one hip so this one fitted the plan nicely...

My lovely lovely dad ordered it and 5 weeks before my wedding it arrived and I went for my first fitting. Now I'd ordered this dress in white. The shop owner tried to talk me out of it, she said no one ever wears white these days and that it hardly suits anyone. But I wanted white. Proper white. Because a) white does suit me and creamy colours really don't and b) I had managed, with all the world's pressures and temptations, to arrive at my wedding day a virgin bride and being the traditional kind of girl I am I felt it was my right to wear white! With this in mind you can imagine my deep disappointment when what greeted me in the fitting room was in fact a grey/silver dress. I put it on. With tears in my eyes I walked to the front of the shop to look in the mirror. And I cried. They'd ordered the wrong dress and there was no way I was going to get it in white in time for the big day.

So Benjamin Roberts was called (not personally but you know) and we found out which dresses I could have in white in 5 weeks and discovered I could choose from about 3. So I put them all on and I chose this one...

My mum had always imagined me in lacy sleeves and it still swooped to the hip. The lace detail under the bust and the big train were beautiful and fitted perfectly. And it was white. The owner of the store set about making a selection of pretty white roses in matching fabric and filled my swooshy hip bit until I was a happy girl. And a very happy girl I was. It was gorgeous and I loved the finished product far more than the first choice anyway! Here you can see me walking down the aisle giggling away with my oh so proud Dad and the pretty pretty roses round my hip.

The service was wonderful, the Church looked pretty and we were an extremely happy newly married couple!

The next big story of the day was the horse and carriage! As you can see from my face I was not expecting it...

It was a surprise arranged by my Grandma and it was amazing! It was so much fun to be waved off feeling like a real princess!

Getting married so early (and having so many children at our reception) meant we had a big BBQ lunch instead of meal/evening dancing style thing. This was the table plan in keeping with the countryside theme...

Another funny story from the day included the battle of the wedding cakes! Adam's Grandparents were very keen to provide our wedding cake so they got us to choose what we wanted and had it specially made...we served it as dessert and it was DELICIOUS!

A month or so later it became very clear that my Grandparents also wanted to provide us with a cake! And a more traditional one at that! So I asked her to make it small and we could have it with relatives at the end of the day. Alas Grandma had other ideas and it ended up being a towering a white wedding cake with a stand for each tier!

I'm actually really pleased the cake situation worked out as it did, it was fun cutting cakes! All was going well until the groom got knocked off...

And lost an ear!! Oh well!

It was the BESTEST ever day of my whole entire life. For sure. And next weekend we will have been married for 2 years! Happy Anniversary Adam, you mean the world to me, I love you with all my heart and enjoy sharing my life with you so incredibly much. You are literally my other half.

So I hope you liked my little wedding run through! I'm sorry it ended up being a little longer than planned, well done if you've made it all the way to the end!!

Hope you have a good day! x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mini album

A little left overs mini album. I had 2 sheets of American Crafts patterned paper left, to be honest I can't even remember the name of the range but it was sweet with little flowers and butterflies doodled on. So I cut up some squares of cardboard, printed out some mini photos and voilĂ  a mini album! It only took about 30 mins! Much quicker than a LO!

Hope you had a good day!

Tfl x

Monday, 16 August 2010

Shimelle's online crop - Photography Entries

Really enjoyed taking random piccies today, some on my phone, some on my hubby's DSLR...

Through the glass (travelling through the New Forest on a train):

Below the knee (my 7yr old sister painted my toe nails!):

Up above (sky from my parents garden):

Nature (sister's sunflower, it's hugeee!):


Get in the picture (courtesy of photobooth):

Get close (Cherry Tree Woods):

Night Light:

At home:

I saw the sign:

Craft in progress:

Zoom out (easier said than done on a 50mm prime!):

That's me done! I'm so tired, that was one craftastic day!

bye for now :) xxx

Shimelle's online crop - Scrapbooking Entries

I had such a fun scrappy snappy Monday as planned! Shimelle's Online Crop was soooo inspiring and soooo fun! Here are my creations...

The 2nd Sketch:



One paper range:


The 3rd Sketch:

I would have loved to do more but just ran out of time :( will carry on tomorrow anyway! Hope you all had a great weekend whatever you got up to!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Wedding Photos!

Here you are Mel, some sneaky peaks of the photos from my bro's wedding...

I'm excited about this!

I'm at my parents right now, so there's no scrapbooking stash here! But not to worry because the lovely Shimelle has given us until 6am on Tuesday to complete the Monday is going to be one scrappy, snappy day! woop woop! Are you playing along?

bye for now!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Oh scrapbooking how I've missed you!

Well blogland I've missed you too, I've been doing things like moving flat, taking another trip to hospital, going to my brothers wedding, going to my friends wedding, visiting family, know those little things in life! Settling back into normality now though and today I actually scrapbooked so here is my favorite page! I had so much fun, it was great to make a mess, look at photos, remember special moments and write down my's safe to say I've missed it!

Well thanks for looking and I'll hopefully be back soon!

Byeee x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A little bit of scrap to brighten the day

Had the day off yesterday which was lovely because Sunday was such hard work! My boss is on paternity leave, so there's lots to do! I'd been admiring Leanne's gorgeous pages over on her blog and had to have a go scraplifting one...mine looks rather different now but all the inspiration is thanks to her! This is Leanne's page.

And this is my page...

I did a similar grid background with 3 pieces of patterned paper and like the slanted picture and journalling. This photo was taken of Grannie's 80th birthday, she looked so happy and twinkly all evening!

This is the rest of the gang...

I saw on SJs blog the 12x8 photo on a LO idea- her page is beautiful...just had to be done with this photo of our meal, maybe one day I'll be able to scrap as well as SJ but I'm quite pleased with this first usual my in-laws are messing about but it shows everyone having fun!

In other news: We put the deposit down on a new flat today...yipeeee! God is so good, we'd prayed for a new flat that would be just right for ages and we got even has a fireplace! yay! I'll show you some pictures on moving day...think the living room may need some bunting...I'm off to investigate!

bye for now! x

Sarah's Cards Sketch

I loved the sketch over on the Sarah's Cards blog this is my try. I reeeeally like these papers from Crate!

tfl x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Neeeeed to scrap!

Grannie - in- law has just turned 80! We had a lovely meal together and I can't wait to scrap the photos! Feel like I haven't scrapped for ages!

Monday, 28 June 2010


There is the most beautiful LO created by Shimelle in the latest edition of the Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book. It's probably the prettiest page I've ever seen so I was very keen to try and do something similar myself!

You can just see Shimelle's version there in the very bottom right hand corner. It has a big beautiful photo, a lush colour scheme and some gorgeous ribbon. My Sis-in-law recently got married and my hubby was the photographer so I used my most favourite photo from the wedding shoot and scrapped until I had something pretty to show for it!

Hope you have a lovely day :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Some lovely things and some lovely paper!

First of all the lovely things...
This is a photo of me and my best friends from the teenage friendship with these ladies totally impacted who I am today and I love them both lots...we hadn't all been together for 18 months but they came to visit me in Londres and we had a lovely day catching up, reminiscing, laughing, eating and enjoying the sunshine. The title reads 10 things I love about you two! And I made it using my last few bits of butterfly foil paper from American Crafts.

This page says 'I think you would do anything for me' and has 3 little photos of Adam painting my toe nails when I came out of hospital. (FYI, he did a good job!) He's done a lot for me recently, he's amazing.

One of the most recent lovely things he's done is pack up a picnic, my favourite yellow gingham rug, some bunting, some flowers and taken me to Golders Hill Park for the evening. Massively cheered me up!

Now on to the lovely paper...
The new delovely range is bright, cheerful and girly...a good combination if you ask me! I did this page about the delights of facebook and skype and how it helps me keep in contact with my sisters.

And this page is about the fun in the sun we had last time we were at my parent's house...

I made all these pages today...what have you been up to?!

tfl :)