Monday, 3 January 2011


I have had so little time to blog, I haven't even read blogs! I haven't scrapbooked for months and I'm getting withdrawl symptoms! Sorry I've been away, I've been starting a new's been daunting and scary and exciting and I miss my boss who I've taken over from a lot! But anyhow when it comes to the end of December I love to look back over the year and have enjoyed reading everyone elses too, so here's my 2010...


Started with snowy walks and wintery weather, went to IKEA, saw my family and enjoyed a cold day out at Kew Gardens


Was a fabulous month, including my birthday, treat to see Strictly Come Dancing on tour, over night stay in Brighton, a lovely valentines day, a half term trip to Dorset and Adam enjoying pancake day with my littlest sister. We spent a long weekend in Devon with Adam's family.


A less fabulous month trying to take hormone regulating drugs that made me feel so so yuck. But we did have an amazing day at work, this is my amazing boss singing 'A whole new world' on Disney Singstar...I mean singing in the loosest sense of the word.


Back to my old self and had a great Easter in Dorset, Adam's Grandparents came to stay and we took them to our favourite place in London, Golders Hill Park. We went to a wedding a beautiful location, visited an animal sanctuary and went on a date in Southend, met up with my mum and sisters in Winchester and took my kids club on a great weekend away.


Went to Madame Tausards with some very good friends for Bank Holiday, Adam was on TV on a programme called hospital heroes. We went to Centerparcs with my Mum, Dad and Sisters and had a truly wonderful weekend.


I spent a week in hospital having an emergency cystectomy...not fun. Adam's sister got married...very fun. Went for a picnic, met up with childhood friends and had a lovely evening celebrating Grannie's 80th birthday.


We moved flat with the help of some wonderful friends, we went to many BBC recordings courtesy of some of those same great friends, my brother and his wife came over from America and had a wedding ceremony this side of the pond and our friend had a baby, called Isaac.


I went to hospital, again. It was long, painful and extremely tedious. Adam turned 25. And on the 31st August we flew to Dublin to spend 3 relaxing days in the countryside, recovering from the summer.


We enjoyed the last day of sun in London town. Went to the butterfly house with my family and I gained 3 new colleagues at long last!


I went on a fantastic team building retreat with my boss and colleagues. Adam's grandparents came to stay, we took them to Kew Gardens and on a Thames River cruise. We went to Devon and Cornwall with Adam's mum and her husband. I took Lydia to see Billy Eliot in Victoria.


I had another operation, spent a few weeks in bed. At the end of the month we went for a blissful, relaxing, snowy spa day. Lush.


Lots more snow, lots of work, lots of Christmas based activities. I cooked my first Christmas dinner and we shared with wonderful friends.

2010 felt quick. Very quick.

Happy New Year blogland x