Saturday, 26 June 2010


Some lovely things and some lovely paper!

First of all the lovely things...
This is a photo of me and my best friends from the teenage friendship with these ladies totally impacted who I am today and I love them both lots...we hadn't all been together for 18 months but they came to visit me in Londres and we had a lovely day catching up, reminiscing, laughing, eating and enjoying the sunshine. The title reads 10 things I love about you two! And I made it using my last few bits of butterfly foil paper from American Crafts.

This page says 'I think you would do anything for me' and has 3 little photos of Adam painting my toe nails when I came out of hospital. (FYI, he did a good job!) He's done a lot for me recently, he's amazing.

One of the most recent lovely things he's done is pack up a picnic, my favourite yellow gingham rug, some bunting, some flowers and taken me to Golders Hill Park for the evening. Massively cheered me up!

Now on to the lovely paper...
The new delovely range is bright, cheerful and girly...a good combination if you ask me! I did this page about the delights of facebook and skype and how it helps me keep in contact with my sisters.

And this page is about the fun in the sun we had last time we were at my parent's house...

I made all these pages today...what have you been up to?!

tfl :)

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  1. Wow these pages are fab Hannah! You have been busy. I remember you saying you didn't have a scrap room so I guess when you get everything out you just make the most of it!!!
    Today I have been making a mini-book with pics of my hubby when he was a toddler that his gran gave me. I will post it when I am done. It is so much easier making mini-pages! x
    P.S Your titles are all fab and really imaginative and fit really well with the pages.