Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Document 2011

I interrupt these festive broadcasts to bring you some the form of Document 2011!

This is the only scrapbooking I've done all year, which in some ways I like because it doesn't feel overboard. For example I don't have 3 AC 12x12 folders full of LOs from this year I have one more sensible album with the things worth documenting. However because I've scrapbooked less I can remember less of what we've done and that seems like a bit of a shame.

Anyhow, here's a run-through of the year -

January - Centerparcs for the MILs 50th, ice skating at the National History Museum, a night at Shendish Manor.
February - a lovely long walk along the jurassic coast, my birthday, half term family time and drink shop do.
March - Meeting Grannie and Grandad in Winchester, a week in Cornwall, National Trust visit, forest walk.
April - Easter holidays arrived, staying with the Grants, Royal Wedding, Sara and Jess visit London for the day.
May - MH's birthday, carvanning in Swanage to get away after the miscarriage, a day out of London from cream tea.
June - Swanage, living with David and Anne, seeing Hattie, going to Aqua Sana, weekend in Swindon.
July - BBQ in Weymouth, Centerparcs with the Grants, Isaac and Rachel came to stay, positive pregnancy test.
August - Weekend away in the Lythe Hill Hotel, Adam's birthday weekend and trip to railway children show, early scan.
September - Photo of our little baby bump emerging, pick your own farm, harvest assemblies, quick trip to the beach.
October - 12 week scan, half term in Dorset, last time we saw Grandad, Adam qualified as a paramedic.
November - Building the pram, enjoying baby prep, found out baby's a boy, changed our car, saw Strictly Come Dancing.

December is obviously still to come but will no doubt involve glitter, sparkles and a hint of holly.

I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's scrapping this year, think I'm getting worse while everyone else seems to have turned pro!!

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