Tuesday, 6 December 2011

JYC Day 6

The tale of 2 Christmases.

A typical Christmas with the Grant Family:

Waking up far too early (so early in fact that for a few years we were assigned one present that we were allowed to open and play with alone until a more suitable time for waking Mum and Dad - like 6am!), we would grab our pillow cases at the end of our beds and run through to Mum and Dad's room taking up our positions at the end of the bed. We'd then gradually go through our presents making a nice pile of new things and showing everyone what we'd been given. Then we'd go down stairs where our present from Mum and Dad would be under the tree in the lounge. Usually we'd have to wait for dad to go in first so they he could film our reactions to the scene! Sometimes a bike hidden under a sheet with a bow, or Isaac's first drum Kit, similarly concealed I seem to recall. We could then play for a bit and gradually get ready and eat breakfast. I think we almost always had a new or at least posh outfit to wear on Christmas Day, we would all go off to Church and then head to Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas Lunch.

All the cousins would gather in the lounge and then we'd go back upstairs for lunch around 2 big tables in the kitchen. Grandma's cooking was sooo good. Then for many years we'd go back into the lounge and Grandpa would appear dressed as Santa to give out presents from he and Grandma. Sadly I remember we used to spoil it by shouting "It's Grandpa!" Shame really we should have just gone along with it! The rest of Christmas afternoon would always involve a blustery walk on the beach come rain or shine, there were always a few drop-outs and a years went by the older kids got more and more moany about this annual piece of exercise. Then it was tradition for the Grants to head to the other side of the family to have a finger buffet and spend an hour or so with them at the White's house. Never as fun going there, and I don't think we did it for that many years but it was certainly a traditional part of the day for a chunk of my childhood.

As we got older and Grandma less able to cater for 18 people, we mixed things up a bit, lunch was at the McPhees in Bath or at our house in Alverton Avenue. We didn't always go and see Dad's side of the family but Nanny and Grandad started joining us for Christmas Lunch because the White's went on holiday. Then I started dating Adam and went to his house for lunch one year. It was so so odd not being with my family and you realise just how traditional you are and used to your own families way of doing things! Then Isaac met Rachel and went out to America for Christmases (one to propose I might add!)

Then I got married and moved to London and we've stayed up here for Christmas Day. Adam's worked the last 3 Christmases and I've spent time with the lovely Ireton family. So far the last 6 years I think Christmas has been far less typical and actually quite different every year! Once we have kids I'm sure we'll settle into a very traditional family routine again! Or maybe not...we'll have to wait and see!

I'm hoping my hubby will write an entry for my Christmas Journal of what a typical Christmas was like for him...again we'll have to wait and see!

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  1. Sounds like fun. Christmas is all about family isn't it? I see the JYC has helped you get back into your blogging - good to have you back!