Thursday, 1 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas 2011

Having not blogged for over half a year (woah time flies) I thought I'd try and resurrect it for a little Christmas cheer...but we'll see, it might be June before I post again!

I've been a class participant of Shimelle's JYC class for a few years now and never completed anything :( I've come close a few times and although I don't feel pressure to do something everyday for it to count as finished, my attempts have still been short of completion. But this year I'd love to be different, even if it's just a case of journalling on my blog and nothing particularly scrapbooky. However my aim is to have a little square album to pop on the coffee table come January 6th so here goes...

Day 1

This is the prompt for today -

I will believe in - the true meaning of Christmas.
I will be grateful for - the chance to make new traditions in our new flat.
I will always remember - the first and last Christmas together just Mr and Mrs Feery with Adam not working and pre-baby arrival.

Ok back tomorrow, I hope!

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