Saturday, 3 December 2011

JYC day 3

Christmas Cards.

It used to be a family tradition when I was younger that one day during October half term we would sit down and make a batch of Christmas cards. Every year there would be a different design and they'd all be pretty much the same. I can remember the year of the gold painted pasta trees, something with cotton wool and regular splatterings of glitter. These cards were always for members of the extended family who delighted in receiving some homemade marvel.

Now Mum struck gold with me, I loved this tradition, I loved to make cards, I took time over each one and enjoyed every minute...writing the insides too! My brother on the other hand, traumatic. Not a crafter by any means and after a few years of 'too-young-to-realise' came a few years of defiance and forcing him to at least put some glue on the card and eventually I think Mum gave up. Then Lydia came along, cute and creative but not nearly as into the detail, same with thank you cards, she'd do one or two but couldn't really be bothered! And now it's MHs turn to be Christmas Card maker, I don't think Mum does it in October half term, bit early for Christmassy things really and it would probably stress her out. However she does make Christmas cards. She doesn't stick to her given supplies and there's no point in trying to make her do what you think looks best. I tried it one year, gave her these cool little nativity scenes on fabric to use. But then she added a small piece of everything from ger craft box and you couldn't really make out it was a Christmas card anymore!! Makes me smile just thinking about the differences in all of us!

For a while, probably about 10 years actually, I continued my Mum's tradition of making Christmas Cards, I would stick to one design and make a batch. But in the last few years I just haven't had the same amount of time to invest in card making. So after one or two years of feeling a bit guilty I gave in and bought some boxes of cards - always nativity of course, just a little reminder to people that Christmas is well, Christmas.

I actually wrote all my Christmas Cards yesterday. Probably won't send them til next week but they're sorted now. The one thing I can't stand is when you get a card from someone that literally just says "Dear Hannah, love XXX" I just think what was the point, honestly. So I always like to write a brief message in cards just to make it worthwhile someone reading them. Only bought 20. Will probably only send 20 too, don't give cards to people I see everyday (a part from Adam) it just seems a bit silly! Much prefer to post them to rellys and old friends as a little catch up. I wonder what Christmas Card traditions I'll make for our kids?! No doubt something that'll make me smile in the future!

Ah nostalgia.

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  1. Oooh, this is lovely - I think this is exactly why people should send cards.