Monday, 12 December 2011

JYC Day 12

The ghost of Christmas Past -

This is the story of a boy named Adam and a girl named Hannah, when they were small they loved Christmas as every little child should have the chance to do. They enjoyed getting ready, making things, going to parties, their separate family traditions and everything that made the festive season exciting to them. Hannah with her family and Adam with his, they never even knew about the other until 2005. That Christmas in 2005 they sent each other a text on Christmas Day, Adam didn't send it until 7pm at night which Hannah thought was a bit late in the day. They'd been texting each other every day for about 2 months now and they had unwritten rules that stated one of them would not be the first to text every day. So having text him on Christmas Eve, Hannah waited and waited to get that text she was longing for. To know he'd been thinking about her on the 25th December and so make her Christmas Day complete. The moment came when his text arrived and her face lit up as she quickly replied and felt happy that he must truly like her to include her in his Christmas Day. The following year they had grown closer and the next year closer still, until in 2007 two days before Christmas Adam whisked Hannah off to the London, climbing to the top of the London Eye and getting down on one knee to declare he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Hannah. With her engagement ring on, they reached the bottom and wandered along the Thames looking at all the blue Christmas lights. Having been overcome with the moment, Hannah although mouthing the word 'yes' to Adam's all important question, had never imagined being so quiet when the day came that Adam would ask her to marry him. So, cheekily, they boarded the merry-go-round on the Southbank and she asked him to say it again, so that this time her 'yes' could be louder. Having successfully proposed twice in one night they left London and headed home to tell their story to happy families.

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  1. Ahh sweet it sounds like a very romantic proposal. I often think back to the will they/won't they days somewhat wistfully - it was so exciting getting that 'thinking of you' text in the early days!