Sunday, 14 February 2010

happiness scrappiness

I made this LO this afternoon...I am almost fell asleep but decided to be crafty instead! I don't usually make pages with so much journalling. In fact I think this is the most journalling I've ever put on a page. It reads...

Adam nearly got stabbed the other day, and he didn't have his stab vest on. As it was there ended up being no dangerous weapon involved but he didn't know that, so the fear level was pretty high. He was falsely imprisoned by a patient who'd already assaulted his crew mate (he was fine and went off to call the police) and then was freed but then was pinned up in the ambulance which is when he thought he was going to be stabbed, the guy rummaged about in his pocket but then he actually just pretended to stab him, with a haribo sweet (mildly amusing looking back on it...he was stabbed with a gummy bear!) Needless to say Adam is now ridiculously laid back and I've been totally emotional about the whole thing. Can't get a good balance between being really worried every time he leaves the flat and thinking I'm going to be a widow and then go to other extreme of oh he'll be fine nothing bad will ever happen to him. Need to get healthy perspective somehow. One thing is for sure.
I love him so much. I’m so blessed to be married to such an amazing person. He’s my best friend.

I've never scrapped like this before, written about something on a page I mean. I always scrap days out, fun times and big events. But I loved this photo since it was taken in America last year, and have wanted to use it for ages and it just seemed to fit this experience quite well.

The paper is so yummy, it's from crate paper. And the frames are from fontwerks.

So I hope you like it, here are some details...

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you've had a good weekend! x


  1. Hi Hannah,
    A lovely page. Scrapping the good times and the bad is what its about. My mom had a car accident three days before my wedding and i have made a page called LUCKY about how blessed I felt that she was there and still alive for my big day!
    A haribo sweet? That is quite funny, but it must be really scary for you!
    Mel x

  2. Must have all been very scary!! Great page and journalling. I have only just come across your your following! x