Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Photography Exhibition

Yesterday I thought I'd treat Adam to a day out at the Natural History Museum because the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition is there. He had a wonderful time looking at all the winners...he looked at everything in great detail...he was in there for nearly 2 hours...I was bored. But hey, he had a great time!

You're not allowed to take photos in there but I sneaked this one, technically it's not taking photos of the photos so I think it's ok, it just looked arty and I wanted some scrapping material.

Then we went to the Earth Hall and went up an escalator inside the model of the globe...pretty cool huh!

Hope you had a great bank holiday! :)

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  1. Oh we went here too. We only went to the earth hall tho, I would have enjoyed seeing the photography exhibition! Happy Easter! x