Thursday, 15 April 2010

000000 Easter Holidays 000000

We went down to Poole for the weekend, firstly for this wedding...

...which was beautiful, in a stunning setting in a countryside Church with a river running alongside it. The weather was AMAZING! Such a lovely start to our weekend. In the evening, before the reception started we hung out with my sister-in-law and her fiance in Jefferson their camper. Adam got to drive it down the lane! Not quite the fluorescent yellow auto ambulances he used to! I love these pictures though and if you look carefully you can see the sunset reflecting on the side of the camper, totally accidental but lovely all the same.

We also spent time with some friends who've just had their second baby. Adam is extremely broody at the moment, so I had to scrap this little phase!

It was great to get to see my family too! Lots of quick trips to the park in between seeing friends and doing wedding planning...

Lots more scrapping to follow soon!
Hope you're enjoying the weather!
tfl :)

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